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Beat The Rush; A Web Domain For Every Learner

. ..tomorrow's adults will need an online home that  they  control. They need an online home, a place where they tell the world who they are and what they've done, where they post their own work, or, at least, some of it. Dan Gillmor The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when James Marshall struck gold at Sutter's Mill. A mix of good and bad, the " Forty-Niners " accelerated development of the western United States.  At noon on April 22nd,1889, fifty thousand settlers charged into Oklahoma to each stake their claim of 160 acres of unassigned free land. The lack of civil authority invited thousands of immigrants, " Sooners ," to stake out prime parcels in advance of the official Oklahoma Land Rush . Once again, a mixture of good and bad policy but the event forever impacted westward expansion in the United States. Today, there is another rush to acquiring space and value, and it is occurring on the Internet. Those people not