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Put on a hardhat, it's time to build your connected classroom

One if by Land, two if by sea... the devices are coming (if they haven't already arrived) Web-based applications, 1:1 mobile computing devices, BYOT, digitized content, paperless teaching, flipped lessons, 24-7 learning...  Teachers need to proactively prepare for the current educational revolution that is being driven by mobile technology and the Internet.  As one of my colleagues noted, we will all be like first year teachers again at some point soon.  Considering the sweeping changes in teacher evaluation, this can be a threatening proposition to some.  Teachers can stay ahead of, and even shape these changes by preparing themselves and their students for this digital information age by building out their connected classrooms.  Bob the Builder asks, "Can we build it?"  "Yes, we can!" Accept and plan for the changes that are coming.  Teachers should articulate with students, parents, and community members to develop a set of blueprints for ubiquitous a