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Justify Student LMS Usage With NETS

Depending on your approach, your learning management system (LMS) can be the most important component in your connected learning environment.  This is because a high quality LMS product will support the standards recommended by NETS-S , ( National Education Technology Standards for Students ) There are many excellent LMS products that are worth considering.  Our district chose Schoology as our LMS solution because of the feature-rich learning options, the digital workflow solution, and the opportunity to integrate other existing programs. NETS-S Alignment NETS-S #1 - " Creativity and Innovation " - A high-quality LMS package like Schoology will allow students to upload creative and innovative artifacts of learning.  These may include pictures, video, and other digital presentations. Reports, compositions, and assessments can be submitted digitally for review and evaluation. NETS-S #2 - " Communication and Collaboration " - Schoology provides opp

Schoology vs. Edmodo

Thank you to  +Jennifer Magiera  for creating this thorough comparison of two terrific LMS products, Schoology and Edmodo . Teaching like it's 2999: Schoology vs. Edmodo, Round 2 - Also, why Schoolog... : In a previous post from December , I wrote about how I was (sadly) switching from Edmodo (my long-time LMS love) to Schoology .  Of the 25... Additional Resources Schoology vs. Edmodo - Schoology vs. Edmodo - Schoology vs. Edmodon vs. Moodle - The Staffroom Five Reasons Why Schoology Rocks - Nocking the Arrow Facebook vs. Schoology vs. Edmodo -  +Lisa Nielsen  

Can I Fix My Broken iPad Screen?

It's not easy, but with the right tools, and a bit of patience, you can replace the cracked screen and digitizer on your iPad in one to three hours for the fraction of the cost of having it done professionally. The tools and the replacement parts will cost between $50 and $150, depending on the iPad model and your parts source.  ( An out of warrantee screen replacement on an iPad-2 from Apple costs $255 ). Before you begin, check to see if your warrantee is still in force.  If so, let the folks at Apple handle the repair or replacement. If the warrantee has expired and you plan to take this repair on yourself, remember that you are assuming the risk for damage, injury, or lost data. Back up your data to iCloud or sync with iTunes Watch a detailed  tutorial video ( short version below ), and make sure that you are fully prepared to tackle this job. Make sure that you have the requisite tools , correct replacement parts , and a good set of step-by-step directions . Moving

Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Blog

Six Reasons Why Students Should Blog Blogging Tips for Teachers - PLP Network

My PLN - After One Year

Graphic by Alec Couros " OK, it's an iPad, and it's cool, but now what I am supposed to do? "  I vividly recall this snippet of a conversation with a colleague of mine as we began ramping up our preparations for a 1:1 pilot with iPads.  We were asked to investigate the "potentiation" of student learning with this chosen device.  We could discuss and debate the merits of the iPad in the classroom all day and still not arrive at anything conclusive.  Let's instead, look at how a connected device, in this case an iPad, has helped transform learning through the one year evolution of my PLN. Social Media I have disabled my Facebook account (not enough time) in order to focus my attention on  Google+ .  In one year's time I have been added to approximately 500 circles.  I have added 1650 people, primarily educators and technologists, to my circles. I belong to 13 learning communities, and I have publicly shared roughly five hundred posts

"Well Googled" by HS Graduation

Graphic from Fluency21 In  +Will Richardson 's book, " Why School? ",  he challenges educators to create opportunities and direction for students to be " Well Googled " by the time that they graduate high school. Being a user and supporter of Google Apps, this statement grabbed my attention. I initially thought that he was referring to the students being able to search for information safely, and with a discerning eye. However, after some interesting reading, and some discussion with my LTCC ( #LTCC211 ) students, I came to the awesome realization that Will wants all students to create a meaningful, positive, digital footprint by the time they graduate from high school. I want what Will wants! Here's a summary of the why and how. WHY Educational resources are scarce while information is readily available and abundant.  ( Yes, the laws of supply and demand from your ECON-101 course are in play here. ) A vast majority of our students are already con

Classroom Management In A 1:1 Learning Environment

Yesterday, a frustrated teacher pulled me out of a meeting requesting assistance. She explained there were several students in her classroom playing games on their iPads. Her frustration and sense of helplessness was evident in the tone of her voice, and the look on her face. By the time our short conversation concluded, it became apparent that she was blaming the technology for the lack of control in her classroom. As a high school technology coordinator, this is a message I hear frequently. When things don't go well, technology provides an easy target. All of us have encountered frustrating instances when technology fails us, and while it's true there are times when technology interferes, or distracts students from learning, often teachers will mistakenly blame technology for classroom management issues. Here are some suggestions to better manage your 1:1 classroom. Instructional Design Classroom management should focus on the students. What worked prev

Super Bowl Party - Twitter Style

Last Sunday, we hosted a Super Bowl party for more than 250 people.  We had more than enough food and beverages on hand, the event was engaging and fun, and the clean-up took less than 10 minutes.  How did we do it?  A little blue bird helped us.  Through Twitter , (#superbowl, #SB47, #lightsout, #doritos, #clydesdales, #oreo) we were able to connect with others during the game.  We shared football commentary, joked about the commercials, and shared bits of information unavailable through the television broadcast. It was through Twitter, that we first started getting explanations of the power outage at the Superdome. Twitter help us identify the members of Destiny's Child that took the half-time stage with Beyonce. ( where was the red Corvette? ) Twitter helped us cheer a 108 yard kick-off return, and criticize a non-defensive holding call at the end of the game. Twitter also opened the door to "real-time" marketing by reminding us that we can still " du