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Good People; The Product of Good Schools

The nightly business reports frequently mention inputs and outputs. Gross National Product (GNP) is a widely recognized leading economic indicator. Widgets aside, what is the product of schools? Some of you want to jump on a table and scream, " children are not products! "  Let this breathe a bit as you trudge forward. In his recent post, Mark Heintz eloquently shares his ruminations to a question being kicked around in our Modern Learners community, " What do we want our children to be? " Credit Pam Moran , Ira Socol , and Chad Ratliff , co-authors of " Timeless Learning; How Imagination, Observation, and Zero-based Thinking Change Schools ," for sparking this conversation theme. Timeless Learning provides interesting provocations, inspiring experiences, and compelling rationale for school change. Like others, my school's leadership team is engaging in discussions about reimagining school to meet the needs of our modern learners.  These con