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Become A Better Lurker

When it comes to exciting ways to boost personal learning, few activities can match the personal learning empowerment of Twitter chats . Not only are Twitter chats great for building a personal learning network, they provide a personalized, on-demand method of learning through a conversational timeline. Education themed Twitter chats occur every day of the week throughout the year. Here is the " official " schedule of education chats on Twitter . (Credit;  @cybraryman1 @conniehamilton   @thomascmurray   @cevans5095   @jrochelle  ) Initially, the pace and flow of Twitter chats can be a bit hectic and confusing, but here are three helpful hacks to make Twitter chats enjoyable learning and relationship-building conversations. First off, Twitter chats are scheduled meetings, typically lasting an hour, focusing on school / education topics. Participants are able to focus into the conversation stream by isolating the chat hashtag ( # ). There are hundreds of education

Make School Different

Credit Scott McLeod for, once again, pushing our thinking and promoting positive change with school and education. His current endeavor challenges educators to identify five ways schools should be different, and label these recommendations with the #makeschooldifferent hashtag. The second part of this challenge is to tag five people who you would like to see engaged in this conversation. Part One - Five things we need to stop pretending in school  Schools are the epicenter of all learning. Classroom teachers are the primary gatekeepers of knowledge and information. Testing is worthwhile use of class time. Letter grades provide valuable learning feedback to students. Classrooms with closed doors, rows of desks, and a podium, are student-centered. New book being published next week, April 21. #CreativeSchools — Sir Ken Robinson (@SirKenRobinson) April 14, 2015 Part Two - Five educators who I'm inviting to engage in this dialogue