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"Uncommon Ground" - A Dale Sommers Story

  “ SAVE THE LAKE! ” That was the battle cry of Sommers and his unusual group of friends as they struggled to preserve the natural beauty and retain the quiet comforts of life on Lake Victoria. But, with time running out, would they be able to overcome forces of nature, crooked cops, greedy politicians, and violent gangsters? Hey, I wrote a book. It's a fictional yarn called " Uncommon Ground ." The book has recently gone to print. Writing a novel has been on my bucket list for several years; the past year of strange new normalcy afforded me some time to finally sink my teeth into this emotionally satisfying project. As a result, I spent many early-morning hours writing down in our basement, the dungeon, as I like to call it. I can't explain why my most productive writing took place pre-dawn. I dedicated an hour or two each day to writing and re-writing with my socially distanced parents, Terry and Lynae, providing creative suggestions and proofreading services. So wh