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My COVID Side Hustle; "Uncommon Ground"

  “ SAVE THE LAKE! ” That was the battle cry of Sommers and his unusual group of friends as they struggled to preserve the natural beauty and retain the quiet comforts of life on Lake Victoria. But, with time running out, would they be able to overcome forces of nature, crooked cops, greedy politicians, and violent gangsters? Well, those of you who subscribe to or follow this blog were probably wondering where I've been for the past year; no posts, very few tweets. "So what did Schuetz do during COVID? What's going on with him?" Many of you may not have known I went off the social media grid during the past twelve months. No matter, we're here together now. Like many of you, this past year was full of immense change, some of it good, some, not so much. But, it was also a year for some soul-searching and awakening. My remaining hair turned grayer, I gained a few unnecessary pounds, and I got back into coaching football, fun under the Friday night lights. Oh, that&