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"Building a Bigger & Better PLN"

Educators, and professionals in any field for that matter, will find it increasingly difficult to keep current and informed without a well-established, organized personal learning network . What is a PLN? A personal learning network is a primarily web-based collection of personal connections and learning resources. PLNs provide 24/7/365 global opportunities to gather, review, and share information. "Personalized" learning, coupled with anytime collaboration, make PLNs centerpieces for professional development. This well-crafted video explains the process, and benefits, of building a supportive PLN. Key questions for personalized learning: What do you want to learn?   Who else is learning this? Who are the experts? How can I connect with like-minded people? How can I share my knowledge? Here are a few terrific resources for starting, or developing your personal learning network Connectivism & Life-long Learning The Educator

"Did Evaluation Kill My Singing Career?"

My wife and I spent last Friday night listening to a motivational speaker, Eddie Slowikowski .  If you are a runner, then that name might be familiar to you - Eddie is one of the few individuals in the world that has run a sub four-minute mile. Fleet footwork aside - his primary message was that it takes belief, a positive attitude, and hard work to achieve success and overcome life's inevitable setbacks.  He also stressed that we as parents and educators need to help children assess their unique abilities and help them turn their passion into a life's ambition and adventure. Eddie's presentation was very energetic and engaging - with dancing, emotional stories, and motivating perspectives.  At one point, Eddie asked the audience to stand up when voting yes to a particular personal talent assessment: How many of you can sing?  (about 1/3 of the audience stood up - my wife included) How many of you can draw?  (once again, about 1/3 of the adults stood) How many of y