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Tech Rationing 2017; What's in the Bag?

Last week, Aaron Davis asked, "what are your ed-tech survival rations?" What are those items that would cause you to turn the car around and head home to retrieve? In his post, " My #EdTech Rations ", Davis quotes David Hopkins , "what are those essential devices that connect our personal and professional lives?"   -   #EdTechRations The times that I go into " airplane mode " are refreshing but few and far between. In fact, I feel completely naked and uncomfortable without my cell phone and my Fitbit. At the risk of being too honest, I fear public nudity far less than digital disconnectedness. Initially, I thought Davis was playing on my minimalistic sensibilities, then I began to consider my daily packing and preparations. Are my tendencies more " mobile-istic ", than minimalistic?  It's safe to say that I'm at least 2:1 with mobile devices almost every day. With the #EdTech conference season in full gear, this interactiv