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Picking and Learning

"The learning process is one which engenders and reinforces wanting to learn more. Absent wanting to learn, the learning context is unproductive."  -  Seymour Sarason Conversations with the  Modern Learners community frequently cycle back to Sarason's definition of productive learning. In practical terms, what is productive learning? "Where have you been?" asked one of my colleagues. "I haven't seen anything new on your blog in a while." Guilty as charged, I've been peeling layers of myself off of the grid, reducing my digital footprint, and immersing myself in learning experiences I enjoy most. I'm writing daily, just not online. In the absence of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, I have been learning to play guitar, fingerstyle . As one of my favorite musicians, Mark Knopfler has advised, playing has become a bit of an obsession, really. I dedicate at least an hour each day to practice, learning the instrument, reteaching my han